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    Working While on Social Security Disability

    Working While on Social Security Disability, Can I?

    Working while on social security disability is possible. Set out by the Social Security Administration (SSA), some rules allow you to work without losing your benefits. One of these steps is a nine-month trial working period to test your ability to work.

    If you start or stop working while receiving disability benefits, contact us immediately at 1-888-855-2948 to report changes. We will help you report these changes to Social Security as an SSI or SSDI recipient.

    Working while on social security disability

    Receiving SSI or SSDI while Working

    If you receive supplemental security income (SSI) or Social Security Disability (SSDI), you can work and still receive your benefits. However, depending on your income, your benefits may decrease.

    Working While on Social Security Disability, Will I Lose My Benefits?

    Depending on your income, you can lose your benefits after some time. Social Security Disability Insurance provides support while you cannot work. Benefits will continue until you can work again and participate in Substantial Gainful Activity (SGA). As of 2023, Substantial Gainful Activity (SGA) is defined as $1,470 per month, or $2,460 for those who are blind. If you exceed this limit, your benefits will be reduced as you can provide for yourself again.

    It is essential to be aware of the existing options because there are several special rules called “work incentives” that provide continued benefits and health care coverage to help you transition back to work. These incentives include a nine-month trial working period, an extended eligibility period, continuation of Medicare, and more. 

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