Social Security Disability


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    In a very frustrating system where it seems like you need a lawyer to get through, Mr. Jorgensen helped to settle my case with no problems.

    Roberto G.


    The staff at Jorgensen Law allowed me to feel hopeful about my case. I don’t know what I would have done without them because they helped me through the process and always answered all of my questions and returned my calls promptly. My mother saw the television commercial and told me to call. It was the best thing I ever did, and I have referred other people in my situation to Jorgensen Law. They were compassionate and held my hand through the entire process.

    Lori F.


    Before I hired Mr. Jorgensen, I had an attorney for a year and nothing happened with my case. After one month with Jorgensen Law, I had a hearing and won my case. The office is always polite and they even ask about my little girl.

    David R.


    I was treated with great respect by Don Jorgensen. He took the time to review all of my paperwork, made sure that I understood my rights, and consistently answered my questions and phone calls. Mr. Jorgensen truly cares about his clients. I would definitely refer him to a friend!

    Diane B.


    Mr. Jorgensen was great in court–he spoke up at the right time, said the right things, and gave the right details. The Jorgensen office staff rock!

    Douglas C.


    They were a great help to me with the whole Social Security process. She answered all my questions, helped with all the paperwork. She took a lot of the stress away from me though the process; I thank them all for everything.

    Dorothy C.


    This office helped me and got me approved for my SSDI. Keep in mind tho. The lawyers don’t take forever it’s the social security office that does so you have to be patient. I am a combat disabled vet and a Purple Heart recipient with a 100%  service connected rating, that was turned down by SSDI 5 times. Finally I got the help I needed. If your a disabled vet that needs help this is the office for you.

    Junior C.


    I recently accompanied my mother to Jorgensen Law to get her assistance and representation for her disability claim. My mother and I went in feeling confused, anxious, and stressed,but left the office feeling completely confident and worry free. The disability specialist we spoke with was very knowledgable and answered all our questions. Since then I have called to check the status of my mother’s case a couple times and the staff is very nice and helpful. It is great to know that I can speak with anyone in the firm and they are all able to answer any questions my mother and I may have. I would absolutely recommend Jorgensen Law to anyone that is looking for representation for their SSI and SSDI claims.

    Laura B.


    We’ve been working with this firm for a while, and I just wanted to review and let everyone know what a good experience I’ve had.  I’ve been working with them to get social security benefits for my mom.  I didn’t always have a good experience in the beginning, but lately, my experience has been very good.  We’ve been waiting a long time for benefits, and are currently waiting for a hearing to be scheduled.  I had NO idea what to expect and my mom was nervous about what would happen.  I have asked in the past to get an explanation on why it’s taking so long, but have never really been satisfied with the answer.  I recently called to ask some questions, figuring I’d get either a standard answer or leave a voicemail, but instead, I got a very thorough, detailed explanation about the process.  Anna, our new case manager, was very knowledgeable and set my mind at ease.  she took the time to answer all my questions and reassured me about being behind us every step of the way.  I’ve since called a few times and have had a great response from everyone I’ve talked to, no matter how many times I ask the same questions!  🙂

    Anyway, it seems the more we’ve worked with them, the more familiar they’ve become, and they really seem invested in helping us succeed.  I’ve given them 4 stars instead of 5 because of the frustrating lack of contact in the beginning.  Keep up the good work!

    Bunny F.


    It is a pleasure working with the staff at Jorgensen Law. They are thoughtful and compassionate. I would recommend this firm to anyone who is looking for help with Social Security Disability.

    Kristel K.


    Everyone was very knowledgeable. I wan my benefits even though I had been denied before. Thank you for your help.

    Ron P.


    Jorgensen Law did a good job for me and got my benefits, thank you.

    Tim M.


    Gracias a Daniela por su buen servicio, estoy muy contenta con el trato que me otorgaron durante todo el tiempo y la amabilidad del personal.

    Maria E.


    Im very happy with the service I got from calling this Law firm!  They have a lot of integrity and a good work ethic.  I needed guidance in getting our very disabled son SSI benefits, but didn’t know how to start.  I’d always been told I needed to hire a lawyer, so I started calling law firms around me.  For starters, this was only one of the few where I spoke to an actual person!  Most everyone had recorded messages.  The few that did answer took my information and said they’d get back to me.  When I called Jorgensen law, my call was answered, and Ana took the time to answer all my questions.  What I was pleasantly surprised by the most, though, was that after speaking for a while she advised me to go directly to Social Security, because my son would most likely be approved, and this way I wouldn’t have to pay a fee. She directed me on what I needed to do, gave me a contact number, and let me know I could call with any questions.  Well, that was two months ago, and long story short, I just checked the website, and my son got his benefits!  I had always been told It would take years!  Thanks to Ana and the staff at Jorgensen for being so patient with me!  They could have taken our case and made some easy money, but they helped me out regardless.  My family can breathe easy now, so I’m very grateful, thanks!l

    Andronico C.


    I would like to thank Jorgensen Law for all there help with my S.S.D. case. I was denied once but  I won my case the second time around.  I feel this is all the hard work, time and experience.

    Sandra R.


    I am a Medical Social Worker for a San Diego based  home health company.   On a daily basis I serve many sick people who have been denied Social Security.  I cannot begin to tell you how helpful Candace B has been to my patients.   They are confused (as well as I) on why they were denied and too tired and ill to try to appeal.   Candace has been an excellent resource for my patients and there have been MANY patients that have received the benefits they are due  after they contacted Candace  and the Jorgensen law team for assistance.  Even if she can’t help them or can’t help them YET, my patients always feel so relieved just to understand the reasons why and what the next steps are for them.   Kudos to Candace for her knowledge and responsiveness to one of our community’s most vulnerable population.  Thank you!!!

    Dana C.


    I called Jorgensen Law and spoke with Stephanie who was very informative and professional when she answered all of my questions about my disability claim.   She guided me in the right direction to file a claim for SDI.  I also recommended Jorgensen Law to SSDI

    Christina M.


    I’ve been trying to get my social security for many years and had even went to hearing with a judge, and been denied.  I went to get help from Jorgensen law, and Ana got me my benefits really fast.  She also understands me if I talk in Spanish, because my English isn’t very good.  They’re very helpful and easy to understand.

    Manny G.


    I want to thank Daniela from Jorgensen Law for her help. She was very professional and took the time to explain the claims process in great detail. My claim was handled properly and I got approved without having to go to a hearing.  

    Brian D.


    I called Jorgensen law to apply for social security disability and Stephanie was very kind and courteous. She was very helpful through the whole process.

    Miguel S.


    Thanks for the help, you guy’s did it very well. I will definitely recommend to all my friends.

    Marc H.


    Daniela Morales was very helpful, or rather i say a blessing!! she answered all my questions and explaned everything detail by detail, I will easily recommend JORGENSEN AND LAW! to family and friends, There is no other Law firm that would handle a SOCIAL SECURITY and DISABILITY case better than   JORGENSEN AND LAW!! … Thank you Daniela Morales! … Keep up the excellent work !! … God bless

    Jesus S.


    I” give 5 stars just for the lawyer Patricia Oceguerra,  its a kind, gentle & clear in explaining  to follow the benefits for my mother,  many thanks to the services.

    I like this firm Jorgensen Law.

    Karen E.


    Recently I communicated to jorgensen law, to help me with my disability benefits, unfortunately they could not help me, since I was looking for temporary disability, however many thanks to the services, Miss Patricia Oseguera, who was very kind and clear in explaining to me with The truth, excellent service although not there have been client of you.

    I highly recommend Jorgensen Law to my family and friends that is looking for their SSDI and SSI claims.

    Carl S.


    I spoke to jorgensen law to ask for help for my father, to get him social SECURITY DISABILITY, my father does not speak English very well, but the receptionist communicates with Miss Patricia Oseguera she answered every question we had and explained to us, thanks to the help of case manager, who is bilingual my dad and I could understand a lot of clarity every step of the case, since the lady explained to my dad in Spanish all the information I needed to know.

    Jorgensen law thanks to have bilingual, trained and professional people to be able to help the Latino community in San Diego!!

    Gerardo N.


    Very good law firm. Very professional that cares deeply about people, even without being customers. Thank you miss Patricia, everything that you informed me about my benefits that I did not know that they existed, it did for me thank you. I recommend JORGENSEN law.


    Cohinta B.


    Recently my aunt Irma Rodriguez took her case with Jorgensen Law, who was personally assisted and represented by Patricia Oseguera, who managed to get her benefits for her disability claim.

    His case was successful, he managed to get all his benefits in a short time, other offices did not give him hope to get those benefits in a time. The disability specialist who spoke to her, who was always very ethical, professional, honest and very efficient, answered all the questions of the marvels: Patricia Oseguera, on behalf of my family and I, Thank you, God bless you !!

    I absolutely recommend Jorgensen Law.

    Christian H.


    I was so happy and pleased with Jorgensen Law excellent service and staff. My case manager Patricia Oseguera did such a great job getting me benefits at my first try. My case manager was so professional but warm and caring. Thank you Jorgensen Law and Patricia Oseguera for getting my life and my wife’s life on track and at peace .

    Robert R.


    Great place, Patricia Oseguera was awesome! My mothers case was approved fast and always kept us informed, always answered our questions right away! I recommend this place and especially Patricia.

    S P.


    This place is amazing! They helped me with my disability! The office manager, Rosie, was very helpful and knowledgable. I would give this place 10 stars if I could!

    Jay D.


    I highly recommend Jorgensen Law for their professional services in regards to Social Security benefits. While the lawyers were working my case, most of my contacts were with Daniela, Jorgensen’s office administrator. Her expertise, courtesy and empathy, made me feel comfortable during each phone call. This law office is one of the rare few that really does care for their clients. I found that Daniela was very patient with me.  Her caring voice was often responsible for lowering my blood pressure and anxiety to safe levels. For legal assistance, “Jorgy’s” office number is the only one I store on my phone.

    Allen G.


    I tried getting SDI on my own and was denied.I then contacted this Law firm and the lawyer handling my case told me she thought I had a strong case. She also stated that with the backlog of cases the waiting game might be a while. She was honest and open. Fast forward to the present day I just won my case and I will receive a monthly check as well as backpay from the last date I was employed. I have nothing but positive reviews about my lawyer and her staff and the employees at Jorgensen Law Thank you many times over. The wait was worth it and now I can live a little bit more comfortable  !!!

    Chad G.


    Exceptional Law Firm.  Appreciate the staff, always personable and compassionate.  From the beginning staff explained all the necessary steps and time frames.  My husband and I are  grateful that his claim was approved, thank you to the staff for all the hard work and always making us feel at ease.  We continue to have questions and they are always kind to explain the process.  The customer service goes above and beyond!!  Words can not express our gratitude, we will always recommend their services.

    AnnaMaria S.


    I want to thank Jorgensen law for all their help in getting my son’s benefits approved. Dealing with social security on your own is not easy so I decided to get professional help. This was the best decision I could ever make. I highly recommend Jorgensen law for your disability claim.

    Esteban S.


    Jorgensen law is one of the best disability firms here in San Diego. Their staff is so helpful and caring. They were able to help me with my claim and now my uncle has started the process with them. I highly recommend Jorgensen Law for your disability claim.

    Alejandra S.


    My mom became disabled and applied for permanent disability on her own. Filling out the paperwork herself, she was denied twice. We made the decision to hire a lawyer to help, and found Jorgensen Law. They handled my mom’s case quickly and professionally. They kept us informed of everything that was going on and what our next steps were. They handled all paperwork and the communication with Social Security. We met before the hearing and the attorney told us what kinds of questions to expect. The hearing itself went very smoothly and my mom was given a favorable verdict. I do not think that would have happened if it wasn’t for Jorgensen Law. Everything was handled quickly, professionally, and ethically. I highly recommend them to anyone looking for a disability lawyer!

    Daniel M.


    This is the best law firm hands down. They helped me with my disability claim. They also helped my parents with their Social Security benefits! Staff is friendly and very knowledgeable. I recommend them highly!

    Jason B.


    I wanted to express how thankful I am and how I enjoyed using Jorgensen Law they helped both my parents with there social security benefits. Their customer service and  staff were great….. I reached out to some other firms and they were the best by far. Thank you so much for making the whole process easy and stress free… I will be highly recommending there services….. Thanks again…..

    Liliana P.


    This is a great law  office, especially because of its friendly staff and excellent customer service. They are very helpful and knowledgeable, especially with Social Security Benefits. I would recommend to contact them for a professional consultation.

    Fresas B.


    By far the best law firm in San Diego. The staff was so friendly and so personable, they made me feel like “family.” They were able to help me file my claim and low and behold got me my Social Security Benefits. This was so wonderful especially around the holidays in a time of need. Their Customer Service is also amazing anytime I called someone was available to help me and didn’t have to wait on hold. Please go see them!!!!!

    Maddie T.


    I took my mom here to get her benefits and everyone in the office was so nice. They worked as a team and answered all our questions whenever we called. They won my mom her benefits and couldn’t be more grateful for them. Thank you so much for all that you do and helping others!

    Rosie T.


    Jorgensen Law helped me get my benefits. Their customer service and kind staff was amazing to work with. Thank you so much for your hard and kind hearts.

    Thank you!

    Veronica S.


    I have worked with Don on numerous cases over the years, and he is an honest, hard-working attorney who truly cares about people.  He is tenacious in his efforts to pursue the rights of his clients, and I highly recommend him and his firm to represent you in your legal needs.

    Jeffrey C.


    Excellent Law firm. True professional who cares deeply about their clients. Thank you Linh Nguyen an Attorney. I appreciate everything you did for me. I highly recommend JORGENSEN LAW.

    Manuel G.


    I highly appreciate everything Jorgensen Law and everyone involved in the handling of my case has done for me during the process. Prior to my court case everyone handling my claim was very courteous, professional, and informative. Thank you all again for the success of my claim and i would highly recommend this law firm to anyone in need!

    Robbi E.


    We had tried in the past to get my son approved for SSI which shouldn’t have been tough considering he is autistic however they denied him we went to Jorgensen Law on 4th and they took care of everything for us and within 5 months my son was approved, they made the process bearable. We will recommend them over n over. Thank you guys so much

    Tannaben M.


    I originally applied for SS Disability in July, 2012.  After denial after denial I went to Jorgensen Law last year. They took care of my appeal and my attorney, Linh Nguyen handled my hearing. That was at the end of October. By the middle of December I had my first check. I not only was approved but was granted back pay from the beginning!

    My message to Linh and the staff there: I can not thank you enough for helping me with my case. I received my first check just before Christmas and I’m looking forward to the one in January! I enrolled in a Medicare Advantage program so my medical needs are covered as well. Just knowing that the long fight is over has done so much to alleviate some of my stress. Again, I thank you.

    Lynn H.


    I took my mother here to get some help with disability benefits, she has been trying for years to get approved and was about to just give up. I had no idea it was so difficult for someone with severe mental illness to get approved. After hearing about this office I figured why not give it a try, at this point we have nothing left to lose. They were able to schedule me and my mother an appointment the very next day, and the person I met with, Candace was amazing.

    She was very kind and gentle with my mother, she answered every question we had and explained why she felt we kept getting denied along with what she thought could help give us a better chance to win. She was so patient and even explained the same answers over again until my mother (who has schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, and manic depression) was clear about the steps she was going to take to help us. With the two other attorney offices we visited I felt like they were in a hurry to sign my mother up and get her out the door. They didn’t want to answer questions and everything felt very rushed. After 4 months went by and they didn’t contact us I called them and told them we were going to find someone else.

    Since our meeting Candace has followed up with us about my moms case status and I finally feel my mother is going to get the help she deserves. My mothers hearing is coming next month and I know with this office on our side we are actually going to win.

    We love the Jorgensen Law office and their employees.

    Jacquelynn W.


    If you’re looking for an Attorney to help you with the Social Security Disability process, Jorgensen Law comes very highly recommended! They’re extremely knowledgeable!

    Sarah C.


    After searching several sites and making some calls, I contacted Jergensen Law Firm to help with my friend’s disability claim. She was so fragile and needed professional representation.  When I called the office to let them know of her condition, they assured me she would be treated delicately.  I’m glad to say, they were right.

    Happily, the Jergensen Law workers were Great!  The girl at the front desk was warm and quick to smile.  The assigned case manager seemed to be very knowledgeable and gave very specific instructions on what we needed to do and what I could do to help her.  I have since met a couple of the attorneys and they seemed to genuinely be concerned with helping her.

    Overall, I was extremely impressed with the treatment both my friend and I received and the professionalism of the office.

    This should be several reviews… I have referred others to Jergensen Law firm and all have received their benefits except 2 people, which have not been before a judge yet.

    I will post later to say whether they won their benefits or not.  For now though, they are very happy with their representation.

    Lizzy P.