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    Why Disability Hearings Include a Vocational Expert and Medical Expert

    Need help? Jorgensen LawMedical experts and vocational experts are not there to help you or to hurt you.

    Tom, in Escondido California, wants to know why there needs to be a vocational expert and medical expert at a Social Security Disability hearing.


    The Administrative Law Judge is in charge of the disability hearing and in many cases, the judge will find it necessary to request the presence of a vocational expert and/or medical expert in the hearing.

    These expert witnesses are there to help the judge to better understand the issues in your case. Medical experts and vocational experts are not there to help you or to hurt you. These witnesses come from a panel of experts selected by Social Security. The vocational expert might be called upon to describe the skill and exertion required for your line of work. The medical expert can clarify your medical records and help the judge understand your disability.

    drIf you have been denied Social Security Disability benefits at the initial application level or the reconsideration appeal level, you should consult with a disability attorney before having a disability hearing in front of an administrative law judge. A disability hearing is the best chance you have of winning your disability claim. If you have good legal representation in this hearing, chances are very good that you will be awarded disability benefits.