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    Administrative Law Judge Information

    An Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) is a judge who presides over a hearing to resolve a dispute between a government agency and someone affected by a decision of that agency.

    lawIf you are waiting for your disability hearing, you may find useful information at This website has information about specific Administrative Law Judges (ALJ) along with reviews from other claimants who have had experience with the judge. You will be able to look up the judge that has been assigned to your case and see what percentage of case approval or denial that judge has. Or, if you do not know who your judge will be, you can compare all the different judges in your local Office of Disability Adjudication and Review (ODAR).

    DCYou can use this website to see how many ODARs are in your state. You can see the average hearing wait time, average processing time and approval percentage by state. You can also see statistics such as how many judges are in each state, how many cases are dismissed, approved or denied and what the average number of dispositions a day each judge can produce.

    There are disability hearing articles where you can learn more about the hearing process, what to expect and what you can do to increase your chances of winning your case.

    Disabilityjudges.comdj is updated monthly. It is a good resource for finding information that is related to your disability hearing. Being informed about what the hearing process is like and what your chances are for approval is helpful and can be assured since your will better know what to expect.