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    RFC Form: What is it?

    RFC Form: Definition

    An RFC form is a Residual Functional Capacity form. An RFC form aims to rate an individual’s residual functional capacity. RFC forms are used mainly by Disability Determination Services (DDS).

    An RFC (Residual Functional Capacity) form summarizes your ability to perform specific tasks.

    RFC form

    2 Types of RFC Forms

    #1: Physical RFC Form

    The Physical Residual Functional Capacity form (Physical RFC) is crucial in assessing disabilities for individuals with physical impairments. It evaluates their limitations in various areas, such as lifting, carrying, walking, and standing to determine their ability to perform work tasks. The form helps medical consultants classify individuals into different exertional levels, guiding fair evaluations for gainful employment despite their condition

    #2: Mental RFC Form

    The Mental Residual Functional Capacity form (Mental RFC) evaluates how mental impairments impact an individual’s functioning ability in a work setting. It assesses categories like memory, concentration, social interactions, and adaptation. Based on the evaluation, individuals are categorized into different mental work abilities, guiding fair employment assessments.

    Questions Asked on Physical RFC Form

    • How much weight can you lift?
    • How much weight can you carry?
    • How many minutes can you sit, stand, and walk?
    • How often can you reach and push/pull (with arms and legs)?
    • How often can you operate foot pedals?
    • How often can you climb, kneel, stoop, balance, crouch, and crawl?
    • How bad is your hearing?
    • How bad is your vision?
    • Do you have any environmental limitations?
    • And other questions about your ability to physically perform tasks.

    Questions Asked on Mental RFC Form

    • Can you remember, perform, and make decisions on simple instructions?
    • Can you remember, perform, and make decisions on complex instructions?
    • Can you interact appropriately with the public, supervisors, and co-workers?
    • Can you respond appropriately to work situations and changes in a routine work setting?
    • And other questions about your ability to mentally perform tasks.

    Importance of RFC form

    The Importance of a Detailed RFC Form from Your Physician

    When you file a claim for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) or Supplemental Security Income (SSI), a DDS examiner will review your medical records and either approve or deny your claim. However, before your case can be closed, the examiner must take your case to a DDS medical or psychological consultant and have them complete an RFC form. This RFC form is filled out by a DDS doctor that has read your medical records but has never examined you.

    When hearing before an administrative law judge, you can present an RFC form to a judge that has been completed by your physician rather than a DDS medical or psychological consultant. Having a detailed RFC form filled out by your doctor will significantly increase your chances of winning your disability hearing.

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