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    Can an Attorney Improve My Chances at SSDI?

    YES! A disability attorney can help improve your chances at winning a disability.

    repsAdrian, from San Bernardino California asks, “Can hiring an attorney really improve my chances at winning my Social Security Disability claim?”

    Yes, a disability attorney can help improve your chances of winning a disability or SSI claim at the initial application level, the reconsideration appeal, and especially a disability hearing.

    Social Security Lawyers have knowledge of the rules that regulate Social Security Disability and SSI.


    Many valid claims are denied because the evidence is presented in an unorganized manner without consideration to the methodology that Social Security uses to understand and approve claims. In Judicial Hearings, claims may be denied because the applicant does not present issues in a way that is convincing to the Judge. If you are pursuing disability benefits, even if you have been rejected in the past, it is important to consult with a qualified Social Security Disability Attorney.

    The chances of your Social Security Disability claim being approved are much higher if you have an experienced Social Security Disability Attorney working for you.

    legalIf you have questions about applying for SSDI or SSI or appealing a denied claim, click here to schedule a free consultation with an experienced disability attorney in the San Diego and Los Angeles areas, serving all of Southern California.