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    Must Have Good Medical Records

    If your medical records are out of date or do not fully address your disability, you might be denied disability benefits.

    medicalWhen you apply for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) or Supplemental Security Income (SSI) your claim will be evaluated based on the contents of your medical records. If your medical records are out of date or do not fully address your disability, you might be denied disability benefits.

    If your past medical records indicate that you are disabled, you will still need current medical records to support your disability claim. An examiner or judge will not be able to approve your disability based on old outdated records.

    If you lose your medical coverage, you still need to have regular doctor appointments. You might be able to be seen at a free clinic, county health department, or emergency room. While these treatment sources are not the best, they are better than nothing.

    MedicationAnother tip that is often overlooked is the importance of staying on your prescribed medications.

    If an examiner sees that you are no longer taking your prescribed medication he/she might wrongfully assume that you are getting better.

    Often, if your medical records are not up to date or do not address all of your impairments that are listed on your disability application, you might be asked to have a consultative exam. These exams are paid for by Disability Determination Services (DDS) and are done by a doctor who is contracted by DDS. A consultative exam is not intended to provide medical treatment, but to provide an updated record of your disability.

    If you are asked to attend a consultative exam, do not miss your appointment, your application could be denied for failure to cooperate.

    doctorBefore you attend a disability hearing, it is critical to get copies of updated medical records from your doctor, you should also try and get an RFC form, or a statement from your doctor that supports your disability claim. You (or your attorney/representative) will be allowed to submit this new medical evidence on the day of your trial.

    Regardless of your disability, good medical records are essential to winning your disability case. Make sure you are seeing a doctor regularly and make sure to take your prescribed medication.

    If you have been denied disability benefits, contact a good disability attorney. Click here for an experienced disability attorney in the San Diego, Los Angeles, and Riverside areas, serving all of Southern California.