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    Apply Online for Disability Benefits

    There are two ways to submit an application for disability benefits.

    manThere are two ways to submit an application for disability benefits. You can call the Social Security office and schedule an appointment which you can have either over the phone or in person. Some people prefer to do this because they can have assistance from a field representative while completing their paperwork. For others, applying online is a better fit because you do not have to wait for an appointment, you can start your claim immediately from your home or any computer and you can avoid trips to the Social Security office.

    Anyone can use the online application as long as you meet the following requirements:

    checklistYou are 18 years old or older
    • You are not receiving any benefits on your personal Social Security record
    • You have worked and paid Social Security taxes long enough to qualify for benefits
    • You have a medical condition which has prevented you or will prevent you from working for 12 months or that will end in death.

    To apply online, go to the Social Security Administration’s website ( and select the link labeled “Apply Online for Disability Benefits” which is in the left-hand column. You will be directed to a page that will help you get the application process started.

    You will see the four steps to apply online which are:

    1. Review the Adult Disability Checklist
    2. Complete the Disability Benefit Application
    3. Complete the Adult Disability Report
    4. Complete the Authorization to Disclose Information form (SSA-827). This can be done electronically as part of your Adult Disability Report or print and mail the form to your Social Security Office.

    woamnAfter completing the application online, you may want to contact the Social Security office nearest to where you live to confirm that your application has been received. You can also contact the office while you are filling out the application if you have questions. The SSA claim representative may also contact you if there are any questions about your disability application.

    If you have already applied for disability and have been denied, you may want to talk to a disability attorney. Most likely your case will need to be resolved at a disability hearing. At Jorgensen Law, we represent clients every day at disability hearings. Contact us for a free evaluation of your case. Our main office is in San Diego, California; However, we represent claimants all over Southern California and Arizona.