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    Applying as a Caregiver of an Adult with Disabilities

    Applying as a Caregiver of an Adult with Disabilities 

    There are a variety of medical conditions that can leave you unable to work or earn a substantial income. Incapacitating symptoms and conditions can suggest both physical and mental disabilities. However, your condition might make you eligible for Social Security Disability benefits. By applying for benefits, you may receive the financial help you and your family need. But what happens if your disability keeps you from being able to apply yourself? In these cases, your Social Security Disability caregiver can assist you with the application process. 

    Social Security Disability Caregiver Application 

    The Social Security Administration allows adult caregivers to apply for Disability benefits on a charge’s behalf. Most often, this happens when caring for a child or an adult whose disability started in childhood. However, there are additional conditions that allow a caregiver to apply in your stead. 

    It’s important that your caregiver understands what’s involved in applying for disability. Each application requires standard information and documentation that your caregiver will need to collect. 

    Sometimes the SSA needs to document a disabled person’s household financial information. In this instance, a caregiver will be expected to prove any financial resources and income available to the applicant. 

    Whether or not they need financial information, the SSA will always want medical documentation on your disability in order to determine if you’re eligible for benefits. Your caregiver must supply them with any information or documents for review to decide if you’re medically qualified for SSI or SSDI. Things your caregiver may be required to turn in include documentation from doctors on treatments, tests, procedures, and medical records, as well as a letter from your doctor detailing your disability and how it prevents you from performing your job duties. 

    How to Apply 

    Once your caregiver has the necessary information and documentation, they can effectively apply for disability benefits on your behalf by contacting your local SSA office or filing an application online. In addition to filling out the necessary paperwork, your caregiver can also be with you during your interview to assist in fielding questions. If you are unable to attend the application meetings yourself due to medical issues, your caregiver can complete the application and have you sign at a later date. 

    Does Social Security Pay for Caregivers? 

    The answer to this question is no. However, while there are no Social Security benefits for caregivers, there are other government and private programs that can help pay your caregiver for their time with you.  

    Contact a Disability Lawyer 

    No matter which way you and your caregiver decide to apply for disability, talking to a lawyer about your case can help immensely. Call Jorgensen Law today at 1-888-855-2948 and let us walk you through the process to increase your chances at approval. If your application is denied, our experienced lawyers can assist you with an appeal to get you the benefits you need and deserve. Contact us to discuss your SSDI/SSI caregiver supplement at a free initial consultation.