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    Administrative Law Judge Hearings 

    Administrative Law Judge Hearings 

    Americans with disabilities that prevent them from working or living independently may be eligible for Social Security disability benefits. Because the application process can be long and tedious, it’s important to understand how to appeal. 

    What Is an ALJ Hearing? 

    Around 70 percent of applicants have their disability claim denied on the first try and have to move to the next step of the application process: getting an ALJ hearing. The ALJ hearing process allows you to present your case in person to an ALJ, or administrative law judge, and try to get your decision reversed. 

    This process includes going to your local OHO (Office of Hearings Operations, previously known as ODAR) office, which may be separate from your Social Security office. At the OHO, you’ll be able to schedule an appointment and find out how to prepare for your hearing. If you succeed in making a better case for yourself in front of the administrative law judge, you may find your case decision revered and you can start to collect your benefits. 

    Scheduling a disability hearing isn’t easy and those with severe disabilities may need extra help. Most OHOs have a long list of people waiting for ALJ hearings, so scheduling yours as soon as possible is important. You’ll also want to be sure that you’re 100 percent prepared for your hearing with accurate and current medical records and history, testimonies, and financial paperwork. 

    How Can an Attorney Help With ALJ Hearings? 

    While an attorney can be helpful from the beginning, answering questions about the application process and guiding you to gather the proper paperwork, lawyers are at their most useful to applicants during the ALJ hearing. We’ll file the paperwork for you, follow up with the OHO to make sure you get a decent court date, and put our expertise to work building a strong case regarding your disability and why you should be eligible for benefits. Best of all, the disability lawyers at Jorgensen Law work on a contingency basis, meaning we don’t get paid unless you win your case. 

    When you’re ready to get serious about your Social Security Disability application process, Jorgensen Law is here for you. Call us at 1-888-855-2948 or contact us online to schedule a free initial consultation. We’ll represent you in the best light and make sure the court fully understands your disabling medical condition so you can receive the benefits you need and deserve.