What to Bring to a Disability Hearing

May 22nd, 2011

Monica, in Carlsbad California, asks “I have a disability hearing next month, what do I need to bring to the hearing?”

A disability hearing is the third step in the disability process. This means that your initial application was denied, and your reconsideration appeal was denied. A disability hearing is where you will have your best chance to win your Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) or Supplemental Security Income (SSI) claim. Don’t take any chances. Make sure you hire an experienced disability attorney or non-attorney representative to help you win your disability hearing. If you lose your disability hearing, you may have to start the entire process over again, or you may never get the disability benefits that you need. A good disability attorney will have knowledge of the rules that govern social security disability and will have years of experience in representing people at disability hearings. Disability attorneys have an excellent understanding of the disability process and know what is needed to win your claim.

If you do hire a disability representative, he/she will gather what is needed for your disability hearing and will help you get ready for the hearing. If you do not hire a disability attorney, you should obtain updated medical records from you treatment sources, and you should get an RFC form or a statement supporting your claim from your doctor (ideally from a specialist).

If you have been denied disability benefits or if you have questions about applying for disability, Click Here to contact a disability attorney in the San Diego, Los Angeles or Riverside areas; serving all of Southern California.

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